Chart Map Dimensions

Welcome to our listing of Chart Map dimensions. For the majority of our mounted charts the dimensions noted below are the actual raw dimensions (width x height) of the actual NOAA Chart that we are mounting. Whenever possible, we try to ensure that we use the entire NOAA chart so that you can be ensured of having all notations and chart legends, as many of these are often found at the outer edges of each chart.
All of our mounted charts are approximately 3/4" deep and can be safely mounted on most walls using a simple drywall screw or longer finishing nail. We also include a dry-wall anchor for installation in higher traffic areas and for larger, heavier charts.
All charts also come available in a 14" x 18" (approx) mini chart version. We apologzie, but at this time, copyright laws do not allow us to re-size charts to any dimensions other than the 14x18 and the actual NOAA chart sizes listed below. Thank you for your understanding!
To order any of the charts listed below that are not offered in our current online store, please call our Newport, RI location at (401) 841-9899 and we will gladly assist you in processing your order!
Some of our Most Popular Charts are listed below:

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