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Location: Frazzleberries Newport, RI
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For as long as we can remember, mom has always been a pretty crafty lady.

What started out as a hobby, slowly turned into gift-giving and before long, gift recipients became gift-givers themselves! Soon word had gotten round that mom had a great eye for folk-art. So much so, that one year, she convinced our dad (and us kids too) to allow her to open up our family home for a holiday folk-art show for the Christmas season. While some of our neighbors thought it odd that we were putting up a Christmas tree up not long after Halloween, we thought it was pretty cool. Even cooler was the line at our front door on opening day! And so, a retail career began- albeit a humble one. Our cashier was our late Aunt Peach perched at a card table in our family room-calculator and cash box in hand. Dad manned the door, Grandma provided some merchandising help and as the oldest kid, I was in charge of keeping an eye on all of the other kids who accompanied their parents to shop...it was definitely a family effort!

Mom's holiday folk-art shows became the norm for a number of years, slowly growing her customer base, learning the marketplace and evolving her own style. Finally, when the house seemed too small and the holiday season too short, mom ventured out and opened our family's first store in a modest 300 sq. ft in our hometown of Warwick, NY, just as I headed off to college in 1996. Mom partnered with a kindred spirit and fellow folk-artist (her friend Gail) and began to create the products that would fill their new space. With help from husbands and friends, our first store opened, but with a unique problem...they couldnt figure out what to name their new businesses...in fact it was Gail's late husband Dave who commented about how "frazzled" Mom and Gail seemed in the midst of getting the store opened. Perhaps it was a lack of sleep, or maybe an extra glass of wine, but somehow these "frazzled" girls became a pair of "Frazzleberries" and so the next chapter began...

Fast forward to 2004 and Gail had retired and my mom had outgrown her original space and now occupied a 2,000 square foot storefront in the heart of Warwick, NY's historic Main St. shopping district. What had once been a store showcasing only mom's creations had become a charming country store featuring the work of other craftspeople and artisans from around the country. From florals to furniture, mom seemed to be hitting her stride. My younger brother and sister were now on the crew as were several of my mom's best friends - each lending their own talents and charm to the store. Me, well I was out of college and pursuing a career in accounting (yes, its boring, I know), but it wouldn't be long before the I joined the family business.

So in 2005, weary from too many hours on the road with clients, I made the leap and joined the Frazzleberries team, as its first General Manager. I also dragged along my then fiance (and now wife), as we both traded in corporate careers for careers on Main Street. Our first order of business was expansion and so we made the move to open a second Frazzleberries location in our favorite family vacation spot - Newport, Rhode Island. We found a quaint shop on Newport's Lower Thames Street and opened our doors for our first summer season. It was one crazy summer - a new store, a new home, and a wedding as well, but we managed to make a few sales, made a few friends and today the journey continues...

We have since relocated and expanded the Newport, RI store and our Warwick, NY store is now celebrating nearly 25 years as "Warwick's Country Store." Mom is now referred to as "Grandma Dee Dee" and we have expanded beyond the world of folk-art to include a wide variety of home furnishings, decorative accessories and gifts. We are now partners with such brands as Alex & Ani, Dash and Albert and more! In 2019, we celebrate 15 years as "Newport's Country Store!"

As the saying goes..."time flies when you are having fun..." and we certainly are very lucky to enjoy our work so much! Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of what we do are the friendships we have made - the locals we see everyday or the visitors we may just see once every summer - each of them have made our lives so much richer!

We know that in today's world there is no shortage of businesses with whom you can shop with and we are so grateful and so pleased that you have chosen to visit our website and our stores. As a 2nd-generation family business, we aim to make each of our guests feel like part of the "Frazzleberries Family," and we look forward to seeing you around the stores sometime soon!