Barnwood 6 Pane Glass Door Kitchen Cupboard

Item Number 5458
Frazzleberries Price $1,249.99
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Product Description

Our Barnwood 6 Pane Kitchen Cupboard is a slightly larger adaptation of our original 8 Pane Cupboard. The kitchen version is deeper (18 inches) and wider (38 inches at top molding and about 34 inches functional storage space) than the 8 Pane Cupboard. This extra space is especially helpful for storing away china and serverware - the 18 inches of depth should allow for most platters and chargers.
Even more helpful are a pair of generously sized drawers that are perfect hiding places for tablecloths, linens, mixing bowls or any other items you may want to keep organized and out of sight.
If you need some extra space elsewhere in the house, the cabinet is also a great option for linen storgage in a bathroom or laundry room - even a bedroom.
We also gladly provide custom painted finishes at no additional charge. We are proud to use the Old Village collection of historic paints that will give your piece an authentic finish. Please call us to discuss additional painted finish options. We apologize, but we do not offer additional staining options at this time.

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