Barnwood 8 Pane Glass Door Cupboard

Item Number 5456
Frazzleberries Price $1,149.99
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Product Description

Our Barnwood 8 Pane Glass Door Cupboard is among our favorite pieces from our barnwood furniture collection, both for its beauty and its functionality.
The cupboard has a shallow 12 inch depth and modest 32 inch width (measured from the top molding - actual functional width is about 28 inches), that will fit right in to your existing decor and provide some additional storage or display space. This depth is perfect for the storage of CDs, DVDs, books, linens and more!
Each of the cupboard's 4 shelves feature plate rails that will allow you to display decorative plates or art objects.
Our 8 Pane Cupboard also has several additional design options, such as an 8 Pane Cupboard with Drawer and a 6 Pane Cupboard with 2 drawers. Please see our Barnwood Furniture section for additional details.
Want to see the cupboard in person? Our Warwick, NY location generally features one of these cabinets on the sales floor - please call ahead to make sure that we have one you can stop in and see for yourself!
We also gladly provide custom painted finishes at no additional charge. We are proud to use the Old Village collection of historic paints that will give your piece an authentic finish.