Bob Crachit & Tiny Tim

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Product Description

Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s underpaid, under-appreciated clerk, works long and hard in Scrooge’s counting house to provide even a meager living for the family he so loves, and he does his best to care for crippled Tiny Tim, his son. The sight of Bob’s love for his family helps stir Scrooge from his miserly ways and teach him the true meaning of Christmas. This gorgeous rendition features both Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim in one! 

Joyce approached the Dickens line as a challenge and an opportunity. She remembers: “We first introduced Scrooge in 1983, thinking that Bob, Mrs. Cratchit and Tiny Tim would join Scrooge in succeeding years as they each had a lesson to teach." And here they are! 

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