Barnwood Chimney Cupboard

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Our Barnwood Chimney Cupboard is a jack-of-all trades. Perfectly suited for a kitchen or dining room, it can also provide a great deal of storage for a living room (think media cabinet), office (bookshelf) or even an arts and crafts room.  The cupboard features a series of 4 fixed shelves that should provide adequate storage room for books, DVD's, food items and more.
If you need some extra space elsewhere in the house, the cabinet is also a great option for linen storgage in a bathroom or laundry room - even a bedroom.
The cabinet measures 28" wide at the crown molding and 14" from back to front at the molding as well. Actual functional storage space is about 24" x 10" due to the molding overhang. This is perfect sizing for books, pantry items, dishes (a 9 inch diameter bowl or plate should fit just fine).
We make the chimney cupboard available in standard 5 and 6 foot heights, but we always welcome custom dimensions requests - please send us an e-mail with your ideas!
We also gladly provide custom painted finishes at no additional charge. We are proud to use the Old Village collection of historic paints that will give your piece an authentic finish. Please call us to discuss additional painted finish options. We apologize, but we do not offer additional staining options at this time.

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