Fall Gathering By Billy Jacobs

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Fall Gathering is a 2010 Billy Jacobs release and we are very proud to share the fact that this piece is a scene from Frazzleberries' home town of Warwick, NY. During his 2009 appearance at Frazzleberries, Billy Jacobs was given a tour of the Warwick, NY area by our General Manager and the two spent an entire afternoon visiting farms and homesteads throughout the area- taking over 1,000 photos between them. Just a few months later, Billy called us and announced his release of "Fall Gathering" capturing a long-standing Warwick farm, located in the hamlet of Bellvale.
All Billy Jacobs prints are framed using 1 3/4 inch poplar wood frame that has a rustic black finish. The print iteself is protected by a brush-applied clear coat finish that will protect the print from dust and sunlight. In addition the clear coat finish eliminates the glare associated with traditional under-glass framing and as a result is lighter and easier to hang as well.
The clear-coat finish can be wiped down with a damp cloth whenever dusting is needed and the hand-brushed technique makes the print look and feel more like an original, as the finish has subtle brush marks and texture to it.
The sizing noted above is for the print itself. Actual framed dimensions will be closer to 3.5" wider and 3.5" taller.
NEW: We now offer-large format sizing for Billy's work. This print can also be made in a 24x32 size. This sizing uses all the same techniques as the smaller prints and is a perfect solution for larger spaces, such as behind sofas or over a fireplace.
 All 24x32 prints will take approximately 7-10 days to manufacture, as each print is made to order, as they are ordered. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for shipping.

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