Nautical Rope Monkeys Fist Door Stop

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Our Nautical Rope door stops are fashioned after a traditional "Monkey's Fist" or "Monkeys Paw" knot. Each door stop weighs about 10 pounds and is very functional, while giving your home a classic nautical look!

We offer these door stops in both white cotton rope and natural jute rope. Each material is soft enough to not scratch your hardwood or tile floors.

HELPFUL TIP: For high traffic / high dust areas - we suggest ordering the natural jute rope style - it will be less likely to appear dirty over time!

HELPFUL TIP #2: Over the years, we have had several customers tell us that they have "dyed" the white cotton rope style, using garment or shoe dyes. This would be a fun way to customize these door stops, but make sure that any "creations" are color-fast before using in areas with light colored carpets or tiles!